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I’m on a mission to capture your fabulousness in the most fun and empowering way possible, so if that's what you are looking for you are in the right place !
Personally, I have been a full time professional photographer for over 18 years. Crazy !! I live Just south of Nashville with my handsome husband Brian and my ADORABLE  7 year old black lab Cooper. 
When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me exploring new creative outlets, dancing like nobody's watching, and devouring delicious treats (because life is too short not to enjoy dessert!)

Being a boudoir photographer fills me with joy and excitement, and it has had a profound impact on my own self-confidence. It's a great  adventure, where I get to combine my passion for photography with the empowering experience of helping others embrace their beauty. ! It's like an amazing fusion of art and empowerment that just makes my heart sing!

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Hey there! , I'm charlene 

Serving Boudoir experiences in my luxury studio located in Lynnville, TN 

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Prepare for an extraordinary adventure, as I firmly believe that the ambiance plays a pivotal role in ensuring your experience remains unforgettable. Within the enchanting confines of the Honey Bacon Boudoir Studio, I've curated a realm where women can radiate their true essence, unwind, and transcend to an entirely new world, far removed from the bustling pace of Nashville.

This isn't just any run-of-the-mill studio; it's nestled in the picturesque and charming town of Lynnville, TN. It's akin to a well-kept secret, offering an absolute retreat from the cacophony of city life. Bid farewell to stress and extend a warm welcome to tranquility! Allow yourself to be transported to a serene and harmonious setting, the perfect backdrop for a lavish and utterly indulgent escape.

The Honey Bacon Boudoir studio is designed to whisk you away from negativity, reset your mindset, and empower you to conquer life's challenges. 

Located in the 

Charming, Historical 

Village of Lynnville, TN 

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I thought I was just doing a photo shoot to build my confidence, but honey i was wrong I got a beautiful experience of a lifetime!! Charlene is a such a beautiful soul she is your biggest cheerleader, and demonstrates every pose, and makes sure you feel confident in that pose! The shoot day was so much fun it really felt like I was hanging out with a friend talking, and laughing the whole time! You will be absolutely blown away at the reveal of your pictures like “OH MY GOSH THATS ME???” It is so mesmerizing to see yourself in a new way that you never have before. I am so stunned about this wonderful experience. Charlene is truly in her calling with her talent, and her gorgeous studio is a reflection of that! If you haven’t done a session with her I really recommend you do it is mind blowing!!! Thank you so much Charlene for bringing confidence out in me, and helping me see myself how I should! ❤️❤️

nashville, tn


When I left the studio, I sat in my Jeep for a few minutes with the biggest smile on my face! I felt AMAZING! And when I glanced in my rear view mirror, I saw a completely different person looking back at me. I saw someone that is not only smart, funny and sexy in my own right, but worthy. Worthy of so much more than I had allowed myself to dream of!

Thank you, Charlene, for helping to see myself in a whole new light, for being my cheerleader and giving me the confidence to see what you see! The only regret I have with doing this shoot is that I didn’t do it sooner! You are an amazing soul! I appreciate the way you care. You made a difference in my world. And I am forever grateful!

nashville, tn


Today I finally got to see my pics. And omg. I have never in my life felt so pretty. I will definitely be back! And the first time I met her it felt like I knew her my whole life..

nashville, tn


Charlene is amazing and so encouraging and positive! I had an awesome experience… even though I was nervous and insecure since having had kids. 100/10 recommend her for boudoir photography!

nashville, tn


I was nervous about doing my shoot.. but Ms. Charlene put me at ease and I had so much fun doing it. My confidence in myself has skyrocketed since doing it!! Will Definitely do it again. Thank you Mrs. Charlene!

nashville, tn


“If you’re a woman of thicker hips you’re very familiar with those photographers who don’t really understand there’s a DIFFERENCE in technique for skinny to mid-size women and then plus women! It’s a struggle to find someone that can get those flattering angels and isn’t afraid to instruct your positions or correct your body language if you’re doing something that just isn’t gonna photograph well! Charlene is the chef’s kiss of plus sized photography! Charlene will climb on ladders, lay in the floor, adjust the lights WHATEVER it takes to get that money shot you came for! If you’re plus sized and hesitant about getting Boudoir pictures done go ahead and book that session and thank me later! I’m still living from that self confidence boost from October!



Charlene treated me as a friend from the get go. We laughed on the phone and then laughed and goofed off even more in the studio. She made this momma feel gorgeous and reminded me that I’m more than a mom and a wife during my session. She reminded me that it’s ok to feel beautiful and valued. And for once in my life, I looked at myself the way my husband sees me instead of the hot mess t shirt jeans messy bun wearing mom that I am every other day.

Charlene is seriously amazing. 

nashville, tn


Charlene is just the best! I went into the process skeptical, nervous, and not at all comfortable with my plus size body. Some major life changes and the encouragement of a coworker made me want to try a boudoir session to get my confidence back. Charlene worked with me when I needed to reschedule my session. A few days before the session, she started sending tips and trick for the session. I never would’ve thought to be super hydrated to help my skin glow or wear loose fitting clothes so you don’t have imprints all over your skin! The session itself was so relaxed and fun. (She had a great playlist going the whole time!) The real fun came the day of my private reveal. I was absolutely floored! I have never felt so beautiful in my life, not even my wedding day! I use to feel like boudoir photos are something you do for someone else, not for yourself. I was so very wrong! If you are on the fence, if you struggle with body positivity, or if you just need a confidence boost, I strongly recommend Charlene and Honey Bacon Boudoir. ❤️

nashville, tn



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