Your Fun-Loving Nashville Boudoir Photographer

I'm Charlene 

I'm your ultimate cheerleader, your go-to pose guru, and the artist on a mission to unleash the goddess within you! As your boudoir photographer in Tennessee, I'm here to bring out your sensuality and craft breathtaking portraits that celebrate your unique beauty.

But wait, there's more! I've got an incredible 2000 square feet studio hidden away in the enchanting village of Lynnville, TN! This secret spot is all about giving you complete privacy, setting the stage for an intimate and thrilling boudoir adventure. Inside, we've got a dedicated hair and makeup zone ready to kickstart your fabulous transformation, leaving you feeling pampered and primed to own your session with oodles of confidence. Right here, amidst the charming vibes of Lynnville, I'm all about creating a space where your inner radiance sparkles like a superstar, and your boudoir journey unfolds with pizzazz and flair !

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  1. I am super competitive - anyone up for a game of monopoly ?
  2. Married to the most amazing husband ( he's a chef to boot !) 
  3. I have 2 grown kids, they are the best !
  4. Can't forget Cooper ! Our 7 yr old black lab who thinks he's still 2.
  5. I have a gift of finding four leaf clovers ! 
  6. I am silly and outgoing, I crack myself up. 
  7. I 100%  love empowering woman with my art, and will cry tears of joy right along side of you . 

Photo credit Whiteny Gernert 

Charlene treated me as a friend from the get go. We laughed on the phone and then laughed and goofed off even more in the studio. She made this momma feel gorgeous and reminded me that I’m more than a mom and a wife during my session. She reminded me that it’s ok to feel beautiful and valued. And for once in my life, I looked at myself the way my husband sees me instead of the hot mess t shirt jeans messy bun wearing mom that I am every other day.

Charlene is seriously amazing. 

nashville, tn

Miss. G

Charlene is absolutely amazing at what she does!! I felt at ease the whole time. She shows you the poses so you know what to do. We had a blast with my session! It was like hanging out with family. Definitely book with Charlene, you will not regret it!

nashville, tn


Charlene is amazing and so encouraging and positive! I had an awesome experience… even though I was nervous and insecure since having had kids. 100/10 recommend her for boudoir photography!

nashville, tn


Fantastic photos and space. You feel completely comfortable and walk away feeling so confident about yourself! Make-up and hair was great and Charlene is terrific at what she does. She makes you feel like the AMAZING person you are! I can't say enough great things about the experience

nashville, tn


“If you’re a woman of thicker hips you’re very familiar with those photographers who don’t really understand there’s a DIFFERENCE in technique for skinny to mid-size women and then plus women! It’s a struggle to find someone that can get those flattering angels and isn’t afraid to instruct your positions or correct your body language if you’re doing something that just isn’t gonna photograph well! Charlene is the chef’s kiss of plus sized photography! Charlene will climb on ladders, lay in the floor, adjust the lights WHATEVER it takes to get that money shot you came for! If you’re plus sized and hesitant about getting Boudoir pictures done go ahead and book that session and thank me later! I’m still living from that self confidence boost from October!



“I just want to say how amazing Charlene is! You know that movie Stella got her groove back? I feel like Kristina got her groove back after having photos taken by this super-talented and sweet lady! If you’re like me and feeling kinda intrigued but kinda on the fence do it! I worried I wasn’t thin enough or pretty enough or photogenic enough to have my pics taken but I thought what the heck I’m gonna give it a go. So happy I did because she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful, it was an experience I’ll treasure forever! Just do it!”

Miss K

nashville, tn


Charlene does an absolutely amazing job!!! She makes you feel comfortable and you’ll have a lot of fun💙💙

nashville, tn


I was nervous about doing my shoot.. but Ms. Charlene put me at ease and I had so much fun doing it. My confidence in myself has skyrocketed since doing it!! Will Definitely do it again. Thank you Mrs. Charlene!

nashville, tn



You Deserve the best

From sultry poses to playful expressions, we'll embark on a journey together to create jaw-dropping images that will make you go, "Wow, is that really me?" 

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